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New year Quotes 2021

Every year it becomes the right occasion ( Happy New Year 2021 Wishes) to plan good intentions, plan desires and set goals. It is therefore impossible not to wish a loved one a Happy New Year, as long as they are heard and not discounted. After all, who wouldn’t want to receive a Happy New Year 2021 Wishes with special words? here the list of wishes

  • May the new year bring you so much salt, so many wishes.
  • I wish you and your family a successful New Year. Happy New Year!
  • Friendship does not change like the sun in the seasons: it is there and it will remain there forever, like you. Best wishes for a Happy New Year2021
  • Like every year on New Year’s Eve, the most beautiful spark will be you! Best wishes, New Year!
Happy New Year Eve 2020 Images
Happy New Year Eve 2021 Images

Thank you for the wonderful year we spent together. I thank you for every moment, and I hope that this new year will bring you many unforgettable moments, like the ones you brought to me … I love you !!

Happy New Year 2021 Wishes

  • Happy New Year, may God give you, for every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile and for every problem a solution
  • This wish is a box full of love, wrapped with joy, sealed with a smile and sent with a kiss. Happy New Year 2021!
  • The new year brings you a drop of happiness, a drop of love, a drop of luck, and if possible all together … Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
  • Since lentils are easily transformed into money if you paid yourself in lentils for this year, would you have any objections? Happy New Year Greetings!
  • I wanted to wish you a new year full of satisfactions, full of emotions and great moments. But then I realized that I can’t always tease you … best wishes;
  • I wish you a New Year full of mathematics: adding pleasure, subtracting pain, multiplying happiness and sharing the love with your loved ones.
  • On New Year’s Eve, we throw away old things, hide well before you find someone!

Advance Happy New Year 2021

  • If you celebrate with lentils and cotechino, your year will be divine. If you celebrate sparkling wine, your year will be brilliant. But if you want a new year, do not forget to …!
  • Happy new year!
  • At New Year’s Eve take part in the barrels: shoot yourself! Hahaha! Joke.
  • I wanted to remind you that you don’t get fat from Christmas to New Year, but from New Year to Christmas … so don’t overdo it! Best wishes!
  • That the year-end bang can erase the bad memories and that the beginning of the new year brings so much health, joy, and love, for a better year …
  • I hope that with the new year you will find the right path … far from me!

New Year 2021 Happy Wishes

  • A new year is like a white book: the pen is in your hands. It is the right occasion to write a new story full of satisfactions and opportunities. I wish you to catch them on the fly. Happy New Year.
  • A crackling message more than the barrels, for an explosive person like you. Happy New Year.
  • I made you a bank transfer on your current account, bank cheer 365 days of health, luck, and love! Enjoy and dry up everything! Happy 2021!

Happy New Year Wishes

  • Cheers: may it be a memorable new year. Happy New Year!
  • I wish you a better new year than the past! Happy New Year
  • Dear Happy New year greetings to you and your family.
  • Warm wishes for a Happy New year to you all.
  • Snow falls, it’s cold outside and I send you my warm wishes for a Happy New year.
  • Happy New Year to you all.

Lovely New Year Wishes

  • On this special day, I give you my best wishes.
  • Happy New Year 2021. Many good wishes.
  • On this sweet day, here are my wishes for a Happy New Year
  • Warm and sweet wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your family.
  • Happy New Year and many gifts under the tree, to be discarded together.
  • I wish you two things for 2021: EVERYTHING and NOTHING. Everything that makes you happy and nothing that makes you despair.
  • Happy 2021, may God give you, for every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile and for every problem a solution.

New Year 2021 Happy Wishes For Girlfriend

  • I wish you lots of presents under the tree and 2021 full of love inside your heart. Happy New Year.
  • So much happiness to all your family. Best wishes for a happy year.
  • May the new year give you so much happiness in love. Happy New Year.
  • Best wishes for the new year that is coming to you and your family.
  • I hope that the new year can be transformed into 365 days of happiness. Happy New Year.
  • Let’s toast together with the new year that is coming. Best wishes and happiness.
  • May your dreams turn into reality. Happy New Year 2021.
  • Leave old things behind and focus on new ones. Happy New Year and best wishes.
  • Best wishes and happiness to all of you. Happy New Year.
  • I wish you many happy moments to be able to spend together for this new year that is about to arrive.
  • A good omen for the new year that is coming to you and your family! Happy New Year 2021 Wishes
  • May your loved ones have a year full of happiness.2021

Happy New Year Wishes for Friends

  • Enjoy all the minutes of this year that end and prepare to receive the blessing of a new year, full of promises and blessings for you and yours.
  • Not every day is a good day, it doesn’t matter, you give it you’re all. Not all love is returned, no matter, your love. Not everyone will tell you the truth, it doesn’t matter, you’re honest. Not everyone wants to see you succeed, it doesn’t matter, you can. A very happy 2021 my friend !!
  • There are days full of wind, days full of anger, days full of tears, but there are also days full of love, which give us the courage and strength to go on. I wish you a very Happy new year my friend
  • Thanks to God for what you have and will give you everything you need in this new year. Happy 2021 New Year.

New Year 2021 Happy Wishes For Couples

  • What comes what you expect and what you dream, live and enjoy the arrival of this new year, that life will surprise you with something much better: BLESSINGS.
  • May God’s love guide your life so that you do not lack health, faith, peace, and love in this new year.
  • May God give you a new year full of happiness and good things, but above all full of his blessings.
  • Sir, I ask for a shower of blessings for the person who is reading this message.
  • New Year always represents a new life, a new beginning, new illusions, and dreams. The hope of achieving peace and happiness for us and those we love. Happy 2021 for you my friend!
  • In all our happy toasts, when we dedicate so many smiles, I adore you, my dear friends! Happy New Year with all my heart!
  • Happy New Year to the most special friends you can have at your side, to face another year full of challenges!
  • I hope that every stroke of midnight sweeps away the disappointments of the previous year and makes room for your dreams in the new year! May all that you wish come true … Congratulations My friends!
  • Other 365 days, 12 months and 52 weeks? Yes, but only if you will be by my side as always … Happy New Year’s Greetings, my friend!
  • Happy new year to the best friend you could wish for: let these new 365 days be full of happy moments for you!
  • 365 new pages, all to be written … And I will be by your side with the color palette to make you choose those you prefer my friend! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Wishes for Family

  • Happy new year’s wishes for the best parents a child could wish for.
  • 365 days of 365 days wish with my family. Happy New Year!
  • Together we are the strongest, even if sometimes we fight. Let’s toast to our family, best wishes for a happy year.
  • We uncork the bottle together and toast to the new year that is coming: only with my family do I want to do it.
  • Smile and happiness: that’s what you give me every day. And for the new year, I give you and I wish you 365 days of smiles and happiness. (Happy New Year 2021 Wishes)
  • I hope that all wishes come true and that all bad things are swept away. Happy New Year!
  • May all the dreams for our beautiful family become reality. Raised glasses and toast the new year.
  • We have to write so many new pages in our family book as we have done so far: 365 blank pages to be filled together. Best wishes!
  • Away with sadness, wide with smiles. This new year awaits you. Best wishes and happy new year.
  • Mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother and all the members of my great family.
  • The list would be too long, so I wish you all a happy new year.
  • I hope that every year can always be better than the previous one
  • To the best parents in the world, I wish with all my heart to spend a good year!
  • I wish you to spend 365 days full of serenity and positivity … Happy New Year Mom and Dad!
  • In beautiful and less beautiful moments our family has always remained united … And it will be for this new year that is coming! Happy New Year!
  • I would like to write you something original, but the truth is very simple: I wish you all the good that exists because you are the two parents that every child would like to have!
  • For this new year, you deserve that every wish comes true and that every bottle uncorked corresponds to something concretized! I love you!
  • Forget storms, dedicate yourself to parties! Happy New Year to the best grandparents in the world!
  • Who does not say to his brother “I love you” on New Year’s Eve, he will not say it all year round … I will start: I love you!
  • Whatever you reserve this new year for you, my sister, I just hope you enjoy it as you deserve!
  • Let the madness begin, let us begin carelessness! This is my wish for a happy new year for you, for 365 days of serenity!
  • I hope these new 12 months will make you do that curve that I love so much about you: your smile!

Happy New Year Wishes for Lover

  • You are always in my heart and you will be for another 365 days and another 365, 365 … I must continue? Best wishes for a happy new year, my life.
  • This last year together I hope this is the beginning of a long life together. Happy New Year and best wishes to my love.
  • 365 days of special moments to spend together and we will never stop. Best wishes from my heart, my love.
  • If you weren’t there to color my days I wouldn’t know how to do it. Happy New Year to the love of my life.
  • We are together recently, but I feel like I want to be with you for a lifetime. A happy new year together.
  • Let’s sweep away the disappointments of the past year and focus on the present and future us. 12 months of good wishes, my love. (Happy New Year 2021 Wishes)
  • I want nothing more than you. Happy 2021 new year
  • You are in my heart. 365 days of unconditional love. Happy new year, my love.
  • I have only you in my eyes and in my heart. The year begins with best wishes. Best wishes to the love of my life.
  • My sweet love, I wish you a year full of happiness. Together. Best wishes!
  • I wish you a year full of love: good 2021 to us. Another year is coming. Best wishes to us both.
  • This is the right time to leave behind every disappointment of the past year … A new page, new challenges, new goals … As long as I keep a place in your heart as always! Happy New Year my life!
  • If a lucky 2019 corresponds to 2019 accompanied, you will not be able to do without me again this year! The happy new year my love!
  • Imagine this new year as if it were my heart: all the love in the world is inside, the same that I wish you for this new year!
  • Don’t you think that all the special moments spent together will end with this year? I wish you another vintage DOC that is of Coccolosa Origin like us!
  • 2021 for you starts very well … With my best wishes! The happy new year my love!
  • How nice: we say goodbye to the past year and start a new one together … No matter what it will bring, I already have you, the greatest luck you could wish for!
  • If you were not there, I would not have eyes full of light to count down the New Year … You are my new year in my heart every day!

Funny New Year Wishes 2021

  • Toast, toast, toast. But aren’t we already drunk by nature? So many goblets are full of wishes!
  • I did the shopping of 365 items that can serve you and since it is New Year’s, they are 365 wishes!
  • Even the Prosecco label suggests it: sparkling wishes to all.
  • Above, below, to the right and to the left: from wherever you look, you will receive my best wishes!
  • Careful! Just sent you a snowball of good wishes!
  • Inside this message, I have hidden you 365 days of greetings. Haven’t found them yet?
  • Let us be flooded and overwhelmed by a flood of wishes. I’m ready, are you?
  • If we were in a movie, I would send you a parcel of wishes. Happy New Year. A bouquet of wishes! Happy New Year 2021 Wishes
  • See all those balloons? They are all the good wishes I have inflated for you. Happy New Year and don’t break them!

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