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Happy New Year Texts 2021

Already 2021! It is in our tradition to wish the Happy New Year 2021 to all your loved ones and your privileged professional contacts. “Happy New Year 2021 Texts

When to wish them? Even if the wishes can be sent until the 31st of January, we advise you to do it as soon as possible: between 1st and 5th of January. A longer delay could be taken for a lack of interest on the part of your loved ones.

How to send them? Wishing the good year by SMS or on social networks has become commonplace. To stand out from the crowd and mark your attention, we recommend that you send “real” New Year Year Texts paper cards, which may be accompanied by a personalized calendar.

Happy New Year 2021 Texts for Friends

  • May the year 2021 be sprinkled with bursts of joy, petals of happiness, enlightened by the flame of love and the spark of friendship.
  • May the difficulties of this new year be spared you all, may happiness be at the rendezvous in your hearts and those of your loved ones.
  • In a word,
  • May the spirit of Merry Christmas be with you today and throughout the New Year.
  • To change, I wanted to be ahead of everyone, so I send you my wishes a few moments
  • In a short time, you will enter a year of happiness and sharing, We send you Stars of Peace, Solidarity, Truth, and Love to illuminate your life throughout 2021.
  • 2021 will be the year of peace and happiness. I wish you all a very happy new year!
  • To change, I wanted to be ahead of everyone, so I send you my wishes a few moments before the New Year.
  • In a short time, you will enter a year of happiness and sharing, A colorful greeting card for a colorful 2021 year! And if we dared to take risks, to believe in the impossible, to challenge fate?
  • May the new year be favorable to all your attempts to win all the challenges and transcend us.
  • May 2021 be for you the year of all successes, and all the joys.
  • 2021 will be a year apart, made of 365 days of happiness.
  • On the program a lot of joy, luck, success, and health. The serenity option is offered by the house: you will be entitled to a 365 day of happiness

Happy New Year 2021 Inspirational Texts

  • New year rhymes with new dreams, new hopes, the desire to try new things, to launch new challenges! So dare to concretize them! Happy New Year

1 text on my behalf to wish you

12 months of health for your body

365 days of pleasure for your mind

8760 hours of happiness for your loved ones

525600 minutes of success for your projects

Far from the eyes but in the heart of my thoughts,

I wish you a happy new year

Immediate boarding for flight 2021 to 00 H 00
to happiness,
flight duration 365 days, luggage allowed:
Health, Success, Prosperity and Love.
  • 2019 has sometimes rhymed with misfortune. 2021 will be necessarily better, I wish you with all my heart!
  • I send you 12 smiles to fill you in 2021! 1 smile per month for a year full of joy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)!
  • The year 2019 is definitely behind us. Now, a place to 365 days of health, happiness and intense joys. Happy New Year 2021 😉

In 2021
Think like an adult
Live as a young
Admit as an elder
but never stop
dreaming like a CHILD

  • January 1 new has arrived! To you this new life, music, good food, and jokes. You have 365 days to enjoy it.
  • If you receive this SMS is that your happiness counts for me. So I sincerely wish you that the next 12 months are the most beautiful of your life.

A small text message for the great year 2021
A little message for sincere wishes of happiness
A little 🙂 for a huge ♥

Happy New Year 2021 Inspirational Texts” Section has ended

Happy New Year 2021 Texts for Family

We wish you a very
happy new year 2021, as bright as this greeting card, and full of success and success.
May your projects materialize in 2021!

For the new year,
we wish you full of inspiration and ambition,
new ideas and the realization of your projects.
The whole team sends you its best wishes for 2021!

With this greeting card,
We wish you a year
Rich in colors and flavors,
Rich in smiles and happiness,
Rich in love and flowers!
Happy New Year 2021 from the Martin family.

whole team presents its best wishes for the new year.
Thank you for the trust you have given us!
See you soon for new projects.

Best wishes 2021.
We thank you for the trust you have given us,
and send you our best wishes for the new year.
May your most ambitious projects come true and 2021 bring you success!

What a wonderful year has just passed!
For the coming year, we wish you
Full of love and smiles,
Full of dreams and surprises,
and a lot of joy and success!

Happy New Year 2021 Text Messages for Best Friend

Happy New Year!
With these few photos, we share with you the best moments of the past year,
and wish you a very happy new year full of joy and love!

Success, ambition, novelty,
here’s everything we want for 2021!
Thanks again for the trust, it was a pleasure working together.
See you soon for new projects.

Just as the star illuminates this tree,
we wish you a new year
full of light, inspiration, and success. “New Year 2021 Text Messages for Best Friend 

Go to 2021!
2019 has been a fabulous year
, and here are the most beautiful excerpts.
We wish you a wonderful new year and hope to live many beautiful moments with you.

Because big projects never succeed alone,
in 2021 we put all our skills at your service.
We wish you every success and thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

  • 2021 has been an exceptional year, and 2021 promises to be just as promising. We thank you for being with us and wish you every success and health!

The New Year marks the beginning of a new page:
New People to Meet, New Adventures to Live,
and New Memories to Create!
We wish you all the best for all these new things,
and wish you a very happy new year 2021!

The magic recipe for a successful 2021 year?
A lot of happiness
A zest of success
A hint of madness
All washed down with love and friendship!
The year 2021 will be more delicious than ever! Best wishes!

1 year of happiness
52 weeks of health
365 days of happiness
This is what we wish you for this new year 2021!

Short Happy New Year 2021 Texts

  • May 2021 be for you a year full of joy, let friendship and love never fail you, prosperity come to you.” “Short Happy New Year 2021 Texts
  • “Every day is unique, every year is a promise of joys and discoveries, and 2021 is a special year for you, that thousands of little joys come to beautify your life.”
  • “2021 be for you the year of all successes: professional success, personal success.”
  • “May this new year bring you all that you desire, that it also reserves you unforeseen happiness.”
  • “For 2021, I wish you to be surrounded by those you love, to live intense moments, to savor the daily life and why not, to make a decisive meeting!”
  • “I wish that 2021will be a year rich in intense joy and lasting happiness.”
  • “Let’s all make a wish, a grand and grandiose wish and dedicate this year 2021 to make it achievable.”

Happy New Year Texts 2021 for Girlfriend

This year is once more speed,
but one thing is certain: it was filled with love and happiness!
We wish you a happy new year just as rich in emotions,
smiles, friendships, and beautiful projects!
Happy new year 2021!

Best wishes and happy new year!
We wish you the best …
To have many sweet dreams,
and, with a little luck,
to make some!

O joy and happiness! It’s the new year!
Did you spend a year blah? May the news be bright and full of happiness!
You had a great year? While the next one
is even better! ” Happy New Year Texts 2021 for Girlfriend “

Happy New Year! 
 A page turns, and a new beginning … 
 365 days to realize all your dreams, projects, and be happy. 
 Great, no ?! 

This year has been colorful,
but 2021 looks just as painted!
For the new year, we wish you
sweet blue dreams, and see life in pink!

  • In all simplicity, we hope that this year 2021 is for you 12 months of happiness! Family, friends, parties, travels, good meals and discoveries … May it all be brought together to bring you joy and success. Best wishes!
  • That the year 2021 is for you synonymous with happiness and success! We thank you for all the good times we have been with you this year and look forward to the moment when we can celebrate this new year with you. Best wishes!

Here are all our most beautiful photos of the year 2019 to accompany you in this new beginning and wish you health, happiness, love and success!
Best wishes,
We embrace you very well.

Happy New Year 2021 Texts for Boyfriend

2021 is already here!
May this New Year bring you everything you want!
Health, love, money!
In the meantime, we send you our best wishes.

1 new year,
10 warm smiles,
100 benevolent thoughts,
1000 wishes of happiness,
 happy new year 2021!

Long live the winter wind and happy new year grandmother!
The whole Lucas family wishes you a
very Happy New Year 2021!

The recipe for happiness for 2021:
a hint of madness,
a zest of surprises, a
few grams of success,
and sprinkle everything with happiness! "Happy New Year 2021 Texts for Boyfriend"
My resolution for the good year?
Send you happiness and joy in all languages!
You'll understand, I wish you the best for 2021,
and all your dreams come true!

Long live the winter wind and happy new year grandmother!
We wish you a wonderful year 2021
with some highlights of this year.

Happy New Year Text for her

Happy New Year!
May this new year be placed under the good star,
that it brings you full of happiness, love, joy, and success (for the most classic)
but especially many surprises smiles, and grain of madness !!!

I wish you every happiness and success!
I hope that in 2021 we will have the opportunity to see us more often
And that I could enjoy your presence at my side!
I kiss you

I wish you all the best for 2021!
I think very strongly of you, and I hope we will have many opportunities to see us this new year!
I kiss you
My darling 

I wish you a 

happy new year Thank you for all the happiness you bring me every day 

I wish you an EXCELLENT year!
Let’s hope it is even better than the one that ends
And those that follow will be even better!
Big kisses

Happy New Year Text for Him

I present you, of course, my best wishes for 2021!
I hope with all my heart that this year is for you
Rich in joys, in beautiful encounters, in adventures
In dreams and memories!

One year ends, another begins
And still, we stay …
We may have taken a little age (some say “aged”)
But we have lost nothing to the passion of our youth and I wish us, for 2021, that this fire remains intact!
Happy new year to you

When the cap of the champagne bottle,
At midnight, New Year’s Evewill
leave in the air with his “Pop!” Characteristic,
Be certain that I will have a thought for you, and that I will wish you all the happiness that I can imagine for you this year!

My dear Corine
For 2021, I wish you
Health, success, and especially
Much, much happiness To
which I hope to participate a little!

My best wishes for 2021!
This year that has ended has been rich in adventures by your side
And I hope to have the chance to live others with you
For this new year, and those that will follow!

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